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Thank you to the following people who, by phone conversations, or emails, or letters, or CDs, gave verbal or written information, or photos/diagrams/maps, or other technical advice, and for their permission to use their material on this web site. I am extremely grateful to my new friends in Germany for their hospitality & gifts, & for guiding me around various locations during my visits in 2005 and 2015. To all who assisted with their time, research expertise, vehicles (with chauffeur), computer use, meals or anything else during my travel in the UK during 2012 – please accept my grateful thanks – I would not have achieved what I set out to achieve, without your assistance. Permission was granted by the 466-462 Squadrons' Association for the use of their Association Crest.

Australia – Members of the Hibberd family; Fl. Lt. Bruce K. Drinkwater MBE (deceased); Fl. Lt. Edward (Ted) McGindle DFC (deceased) and Michael McGindle; John McManus, Geoff Moss, Andy Lidgard and Tiana Walker Adair of 466-462 Squadrons' Association, Sydney; Tony Batten; Bob Hetherington (deceased); J.G.Tait; Rod Montgomery; Dorothy Dawson and Christina Ball; Kerry Puttick, Richard Selwood and Bruce Whyatt; Ian & Laurel Chambers; Ray Wilson & Rhyl Wilson; Graeme & Pam May; Damien Rhodes and Mrs Weeks; Jane Grieve; John Blakeley; Clancy Matthews; Lex McAulay; John & Joan Ryan; Tony & Ann Hallett; Greg Elder; Edward Russell; Sheryl Weston; Julie Reid; Luke Lazarides (deceased); CQUniversity Bookshop & Library & IT staff; Rockhampton Regional Council Library staff; Michael Menzies; Wayne Nietfeld; Phillipa Sturgess; Melanie Rosak; Paul Graham; Sebastian Garde; Rowan Bond; Thomas Frey; Ron Henderson; Peter Meade; Rob Birch; Richard Perrignon; David and Julienne Brimblecombe; Christopher Townley; David De Leacy and William Frazer; Simon Tout; Kevin Hyde; John Tresidder; Sally-Ann Cuttriss; Mark Pilbeam; Greg Weir and Jenny Murray; Robyn Perren and Janice Nesbit; The Aviation Heritage Museum of Western Australia and the RAAFA Bull Creek, WA; Nicky De Leacy and Pauline Bellanto; Leigh Orchard; Joanna Rollinson; Chris Peachey & Sandra Peachey; Doug Cruickshank; Jeff M. Weeks, Craig Rowland; Dave Nicholls; Anne Haines; Jane and Kent Bannister; Christopher Britt; Rod Blackwell, Frank Levey, & Margaret Carlyon & their families; Michael Courtenay; Ann Lee (Skitch); Mike Jeremy; Sue Hanna; Lynn Nickols (nee Archer), Tom Archer and John Humphries; Margaret Szalay; Douglas Henry Lawrence, John Lawrence, and Aaron and Mark Lawrence; Tim Dawe; Lindsay Cheal; Michael Stark; Michael Pardy; Robynne Mitchell; Support Staff of the Australian Nominal Rolls (Statistics and Data Integrity); Shirley Cockram; Mark Weate; Peter David Mercer; Sandra Miles; Ray Bastin; Cecile Martin; Robyn Robinson; Ian Robertson; Judith Rahaley; David King; Jams Welsh; Robin Bubner; Jeanette Rotteveel; Catherine Josephine Jackson (formerly Wood-Brown, nee Burton) and Beatrice Jackson; Ann Young; Geoff Russell; James Oglethorpe (3 Squadron Association); Framewarehouse and their client Matt Lewis.
Legal support, advice, assistance and documentation from Dundas Lawyers Pty Ltd, Brisbane, QLD 4000 (www.dundaslawyers.com.au), Legal Practice Director Malcolm Burrows, and Lawyer Ashleigh Boyce.
Ted Isaacs, Tim Croot; Ben Dickson; Graeme Pettman; Chris Murphy and his sister; Sam Chambers.

United KingdomTerence Cotterill; Frank Huish; Martin Atkins; Rina Callingham; Lesley Milne; Graham Mitchell; Eddie Fell (deceased) of 158 Squadron Website & also the Halifax Forum; Ian F & Linzee of Halifax Forum; Richard Stubley; Paul Leforte; Malcolm Barass; Mark Hickman; Guy Jefferson; Tom Quinn; Tom Walker; Chris Pointon; Graham Howard; Paul Forden; Roy Hackett; Peter Cunliffe; William Chorley; Oliver Clutton-Brock; Ms Judy C. Adams, Hon. Secretary of the Caterpillar Club 2004 and Ms Sophie Comelli, Marketing Manager (Europe), Airborne Systems Limited 2010; Scottie of Rampants Scotland; Ken Spriggs & Oliver Kay; Arthur "Duke" Newstead; Richard & Ryan Handyside; Vivienne Brundell and her mother; Michael Wilkinson; George Wightman; Patrick Oakes; Tony Foster and Mrs Marie Harris; Paul Radcliffe, William Iveson & Kevin Ford of the Anselmian Association, and Simon Duggan (Headmaster), Andy Rumsby (Deputy Headmaster), Tommy McCann (The Ridings) and Helen (reception) at St Anselm's College, Birkenhead; "Friends of Wallasey Cemetery"; Richard & Sally Ravencroft & Family; Jocelyn & David Banthorpe; Andrew Macnair of the Foulsham Community Archives, Norfolk; John Evans of the Sunderland Centre at Pembroke Dock; Michael Harrison and Myles M. of the Bombercrew.com forum; various members of the rafcommands.com forum; Neil of Halifax forum; Patricia Edwards; Revd David Osborne & staff at St Clement Danes Church; John Dann of the 466-462 Association (UK branch); Sid Rees; Andy Baker; Himley Road Methodist Church; Ruth Triggs; Charles McHugh of Global Aviation Art; Kelvin Youngs (Aircrew Remembered website), Keith Townsend (Moseleians Assoc. website), and Catherine Sutton; Peter and Julia Muxlow, and Syd Andrew; Jon Horridge; Colin Jermy, Graham J. Platt; Nancy Urry; Christine Corn; James Clark and his sons Bob Clark and Mike Clark; Martin Bland and Richard Bland; James Woodrow; Donald Stewart and Jane Belair; David Coleman; Alan Marr and Karen Ainley; Peter Dickinson and Kenneth Mitchell; Nigel Martin; John Forrester; Helen Bean; John Pettifer; Eddie Lynch; Colin Pateman; John H C Fennell (Lt Col (Ret'd), Late Royal Engineers) and Avril Browne; Ian Robert Goldie; Andy Brookes and the Brookes family; Keith Topham; Robert Hall; Richard Miller; Keith James Clarke; Quentin Thomas; Bernard Coleman; Bob and Janet Lane; Anthony Tilley and Brian Tilley; Terry Worthington; Robert Thomas; James Ferguson Latimer and Colin and Katrina Carr; Tom Russell & Andrew White & David Bruce of Ely Cathedral; Ken and Janice Daughters; DJ Lewis and C Squibb; Harold Dummer; Alan and Lucy McCorkindale; Martin Sugarman, Archivist and Historian of AJEX Museum; Kenneth Hale; Chris James Ward; Nieces of Matthew Ogilvie (sisters Lynn Eyre, Yvonne, Steph and Corrine); Pauline Chantler; James C Whyte; Nicholas Evans and the Estate of Maurice Albert Hewlett; Robert Colin Lynch; David McDonald and Robin Grant; Ursula Mitchel and Joy Guthrie; Cath Davies and Colin Welsh; Clive Richardson; Steve Castle; Mark Sewell; Colin van Geffen; Derek and the Police Remembrance Trust, UK; Dom Howard; Audrey Dewjee; Ed Andrews, Richard E Flagg, Kenneth P Bannerman and the Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust; Jon Knowles; Jonathan Smith and Irene Baines; David Holgate.

Germany Delitzsch – Lars-Uwe Freiberg & Heike; Oberbürgermeister Heinz Bieniek; Joachim Wagner; Martin Winkler; Frau Nadine Schelinski; Oschatz – Gabriele & Mario Teumer; Horst Kohl; Jeanette the Translator; Zaasch – Bürgermeister Frau Lösch; Pfarrer Taatz of St. Ursula Evangelische Kirche; Ortschronist Herr Hans Dedek; Rolf Schulze; Colditz – Frau Renate Lippmann; Leipzig Stadtarchiv – Frau Birgit Horn-Kolditz; Roitzschjora – Martin the Pilot; Eilenburg – Mira Schneider the Reporter; Berlin – Jacqueline Meyer; Bredenscheid Thomas Weiss, Walter Padtberg, Hans Sendt, Harri Petras.

Belgium – Abbé Gérard Marlaire; Maxime NOEL, & Sinibaldo BASILE (deceased).

Russia Andrey Sadchikov.

New Zealand Karley Johns (NZDF); Jenny Moon; Michael Evans and David Evans; Martyn Burgess; Hayley Kofoed; Judith Burkin.

Canada – John Neal; Dave Spratt and Bob Richardson; David Champion; Pat Kornic and the Anderson family.

USA – Paul Jeffrey Meyvaert (deceased); Winifred Joan Hawgood Hall and W M Hall.
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Archival Reference Sources

Australia – National Archives of Australia [Series A705 Casualty Files; Series A9186 Unit History of 462 Squadron Oct 1942 to Sept 1945; Series A9300 Service Files Officers; Series A9301 Service Files NCOs; Series B883 Army Service Files; Series A11385 Loss of Aircraft; Series BP751/1 Pay History]; Australian War Memorial; RAAF Museum.

New Zealand New Zealand Defence Force (Personnel Archives and Medals).

United Kingdom – Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC); RAF Museum; British Library Map Library; The National Archives, Kew.

Germany – Delitzsch Stadtarchiv; Leipzig Stadtarchiv.
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Reference Books

Pimpernel Squadron: An anecdotal history of 462 Squadron RAAF August 1944 – May 1945. Flight Lieutenant Ted McGindle DFC (1999), 2nd Ed'n 2000, reprinted Nov 2004, published by Author. ISBN 0 646 37551 2. (This book has information about 462 Squadron while based in the UK at Driffield and Foulsham.)

Phoenix – Book 1: The Middle East. The Story of No 462 Squadron RAAF. A.G.Batten 1997/1998/1999, published by Author (no ISBN).(Details included for information only, book not sighted by this web author. This book covers 462 Squadron while based in north Africa.)

Phoenix – Book 2: The Reincarnation. The Story of No 462 Squadron RAAF. A.G.Batten 1997/1998/1999, reprinted August 2005, published by Author (no ISBN). (This book has information about 462 Squadron while based in the UK at Driffield and Foulsham.)

Brave and True – A History of 466 RAAF Halifax Squadron whilst based in Yorkshire England as part of Four Group, Royal Air Force, Including a Short History of 462 RAAF Halifax Squadron from August 1944. Alby Silverstone & Stan Parker, edited by Ross A. Pearson. 1st Edition published October 1992 by 466-462 Squadron's "Association", Sydney, Australia. ISBN 0 646 12046 8. Reprinted March 1995 and March 1998. Copyright © 466-462 Squadron's "Association". (This book has information about 462 Squadron at Driffield.)

Brave and True (Revision and Expansion of First Edition; In Memory of Albany "Alby" Silverstone). Stan Parker and John McManus DFC, edited by Andy Lidgard. 2nd Edition published December 2007 by 466-462 Squadrons Reunion, Sydney, Australia. ISBN 978-0-646-47990-3. Copyright © 466-462 Squadrons Reunion. National Library of Australia catalogue reference 940.544944. (Mainly 466 Squadron at Driffield.)

462 Squadron RAAF Second World War Fatalities. Alan Storr 2006, Australian War Memorial (no ISBN). (Covers 462 Squadron fatalities in the Mediterranean Air Command, and No. 4 Group Driffield UK, and No. 100 Group Foulsham, UK.)

To See the Dawn Again; A History of 462 Squadron, RAAF. Mark Lax & Leon Kane-Maguire, 2008. Published by authors. ISBN 978 0 9775340 3 6. (This book has information about 462 Squadron while based in the Middle East, also in the UK at Driffield and Foulsham.)

Halifax at War. Brian J. Rapier (1987) and Wellington at War. Chaz Bowyer (1982), 1994 combined edition. The Promotional Reprint Co. Ltd. ISBN 1 85648 173 5.

The Handley Page Halifax. K.A.Merrick, 2nd Ed'n 1990, Aston Publications. ISBN 0 946627 60 8.

Footprints on the Sands of Time – RAF Bomber Command Prisoners of War in Germany 1939-45. Oliver Clutton-Brock 2003, Grub Street London. ISBN 1 904010 00 0.

The Bomber Command War Diaries – An Operational Reference Book 1939-1945. Martin Middlebrook & Chris Everitt 1985, Penguin. ISBN 0 14 012936 7.

Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War, Vol 6, Aircraft and Crew Losses 1945. W.R.Chorley. ISBN 0 904597 92 X.

Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War, Vol 4, Aircraft and Crew Losses 1943. W.R.Chorley. ISBN 0 904597 90 3. (as referenced by forum contributors, original not sighted; scan copy of relevant pages sighted – Chapter 3, pp 234-239, 244-245).

To See The Dawn Breaking, W.R.Chorley. (as referenced by forum contributors, scanned copies of page 81 and 105 received, original not sighted, permission to use given by W.R.Chorley 12 Nov 2012).

Espionage in the Ether: The wartime story of electronic intelligence & radio countermeasures carried out by 192 (Bomber Support) Squadron. William J. & John E. Rees, 1999, Compaid Graphics. ISBN 1 900604 11 6. (192 Squadron was also based at Foulsham)

Confound & Destroy. Martin Streetly 1978, Macdonald and Jane's Publishers Ltd. ISBN 0354 01180 4.

The Other Battle – Luftwaffe Night Aces Versus Bomber Command. Peter Hinchliffe, 2001, Airlife Publishing Ltd. ISBN 1840373032. An Airlife Classic, blue cover. (Details included for information only, book not sighted by this web author, scan copy of cover and page 307 sighted.)

Luftwaffe Night Fighter Combat Claims 1939 – 1945. The Definitive List of Claims Submitted by Luftwaffe Night Fighter Pilots for Allied Aircraft Shot Down in WW2. John Foreman and Johannes Matthews (& Simon Parry), 2004, Published by Red Kite, England. ISBN 0-9538061-4-6. (Details included for information only, book not sighted by this web author, scan copy of cover, and pages 245-247 sighted.)

British Aircraft Armament Vol 1: RAF Gun Turrets from 1914 to the Present Day. R.Wallace Clarke 1993, Patrick Stephens Ltd. ISBN 1 85260 223 6.

British Aircraft Armament Vol 2: RAF Guns and Gunsights from 1914 to the Present Day. R.Wallace Clarke 1993, Patrick Stephens Ltd. ISBN 1 85260 402 6.

Action Stations Military Airfields 1. Wartime military airfields of East Anglia 1939-1945. Michael J.F.Bowyer 1979, Patrick Stephens Ltd. ISBN 0 85059 335 2.

Action Stations Military Airfields 3. Wales & the North West. David J. Smith 2nd Ed'n 1990, Patrick Stephens Ltd. ISBN 1 85260 375 5.

Action Stations Military Airfields 4. Military airfields of Yorkshire. Bruce Barrymore Halpenny 2nd Ed'n 1990, Patrick Stephens Ltd. ISBN 0 95059 532 0.

Queensland Airfields WW2 – 50 Years on. Roger R. Marks 1994, published by Author. ISBN 0 646 12769 1.

RAAF Maryborough Wartime Memories 1941 to 1945. Edited & published by John Ryan 1996, (Alston Printing, no ISBN).
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Anecdotal or biographical books.

Bless You, Brother Irvin – The Caterpillar Club Story. John A.Neal 2005, General Store Publishing House, Canada. ISBN 1 894263 94 4.

Special Duties. Hector Nichols 1996, CopyRight Publishing Co. Ltd. ISBN 1 875401 52 0.

Journeys into Night. Don Charlwood 1991, Hudson Publishing. ISBN 0 949873 37 3.

To Hell and Back – True Life Experiences of Bomber Command at War. Mel Rolfe 1999, Grub Street. ISBN 1 902304 36 5.

Skylarks – The Lighter Side of Life in the RAAF World War 2. E. Brown, AusInfo.

Lone Evader: The Escape from France of an RAAF Pilot. Sgt Ted Coates 1995, Australian Military History Publications. ISBN 0 646 25985 7.

G-for-George: A Memorial to RAAF Bomber Crews 1939-45 460 Squadron RAAF. Michael V.Nelmes & Ian Jenkins 2000, Banner Books. ISBN 1 875593 21 7.

Rear Gunner. John Beede 1976, Tandem London, (previously published as They Hosed Them Out, 1965).

Air War Diary: An Australian in Bomber Command. David Scholes 1997, Kangaroo Press Pty. Ltd. ISBN 0 86417 837 9.

Colditz The Full Story. P.R.Reid 2002 Ed'n, Pan Books. ISBN 0 330 49000 1.
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Internet sites
(Not clickable links please copy and paste internet address to your internet browser.)

Australian WW2 Nominal Roll ( http://www.ww2roll.gov.au )

National Archives of Australia ( http://www.naa.gov.au )

Australian War Memorial ( http://www.awm.gov.au )

Trove – National Library of Australia ( http://trove.nla.gov.au )

Commonwealth War Graves Commission ( http://www.cwgc.org )

New Zealand Defence Force, Personnel Archives and Medals ( www.nzdf.mil.nz )

Caterpillar Club, Airborne Systems Ltd., previously Irvin Aerospace Ltd, IRVIN-GQ Ltd. ( http://www.airborne-sys.com/ )

Owen O'Malley & the RAAF 462 Squadron

Facebook "Friends of 466 and 462 Squadrons"

Website ( http://466and462squadrons.com ) operated by John DANN, UK

Halifax Forum (Rescue 57)

158 Squadron Association Website

Halifax Appreciation Society

27 OTU ( http://www.raf-lichfield.co.uk/ )

76 Squadron RAF – Halifax DK188 MP-J
(refer to forums at http://www.rafcommands.com/ and http://100548.activeboard.com/f321311/bombercrewcom-forum/ )

77 Squadron RAF ( historyofwar.org )

199 Squadron RAF ( rafcommands.com, raf.mod.uk and rafweb.org )






Aviation Art ( www.aviationart.com.au/ ) "Top Cover" by Robert Taylor (462 Squadron Halifax NP990 Z5-L, 6 Oct 1944, McGindle & Crew)

Foulsham Community Archives ( http://foulshamarchives.weebly.com/index.html )

Genealogical websites (Library Editions): Ancestry, Findmypast

Online London Gazette Archives ( https://www.thegazette.co.uk/ )
and British Newspaper Archives (Library Edition)

Ministry of Defence Air Force Lists, from National Library of Scotland

BBC News: ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/ )
CBC News: ( http://www.cbc.ca/news )
RAF Benevolent Fund – Guardians of the Bomber Command Memorial ( http://www.rafbf.org/1794/bomber-command-memorial.html )
Bomber Command Memorial ( http://www.bombercommandmemorial.co.uk )

WW2 Medals: http://www.northeastmedals.co.uk/

Global Aviation Art by Charles McHugh ( http://www.aeroartist.com/ ), also has a Facebook page.

Aircrew Remembered ( http://www.aircrewremembered.com/ ) MZ400 of 462 Squadron, Coleman & Crew
( http://aircrewremembered.com/coleman-gerald.html )

Moseleians Assoc. ( http://www.moseleians.co.uk/ )
Roll of Honour: A.J.Ward, 462 Squadron
( http://www.moseleians.co.uk/index.asp?id=159&bid=P133&Title=Ward )

102 (Ceylon) Squadron, Pocklington

AJEX Museum, London (Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women, UK)
Shield House, Harmony Way, London
ajex.org.uk also Facebook and Twitter


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